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Destinations with scheduled dates, for individuals and small groups

The Nuna Travel Collections

In the years we have spent helping our clients, we have never stopped imagining and creating original travel experiences to unique and unusual destinations.
Inspired by our clients, we've expanded our horizons in North America and the Arctic, we've explored Asia, Africa and New Zealand, and we're intent on interpreting these places with the same style, philosophy and enthusiasm that is our trademark.

The Nuna Travel collections include packages organized for small groups, with departures on scheduled dates. These are principally itineraries of total immersion in the natural world, photography trips, expeditions to unique natural events like the aurora borealis or gorilla spotting in Uganda, all organized and coordinated with the cooperation of expert local nature guides.

Individual and flexible solutions are also possible, with no restrictions on departure dates. Although these solutions have itineraries with structured and planned content, they allow room for individual management of the trip.

Off the beaten track

Nuna Travel's goal is to constantly seek out all that is wonderful and new, because that is what arouses wonder and opens our horizons to unexplored corners of the world. The destinations that Nuna Travel has specialized in for many years offer great range and possibilities for designing travel experiences that are always different and off the beaten track.

You can find adventure in remote lands, what we call "forgotten lands", but it is also possible to find it under the aurora borealis in Finnish Lapland, or before an Icelandic volcano, or by "listening" to the silence of desert sands or of an icescape.

Off the beaten track does not just mean following routes that are original or demanding: it also means opening ourselves up to experiences that may appear simple but which are extraordinarily unique in their simplicity.

brown bears
Canada, Alaska and the USA
Recommended itineraries

Authentic by nature: a selection of unique experiences in the freshest and most exciting corners of the USA, designed and tailored by Nuna Travel.
Trips with scheduled departures and individual trips.

North Gate
A Taste of Wilderness

Let Nuna Travel show you Northern Europe, from the dramatic beauty of the fjords to the lunar landscapes of Iceland. This is the gateway to an Arctic that you never knew existed, undiscovered and wild.
Trips with scheduled departures and individual trips.

Colors of India
Voices of the past

India is a world apart, an ancient world that contains millennia of history, art and culture.
Trips with scheduled departures and individual trips.

East Travel
the East and nearby
Age-old cultures

An astonishing diversity of landscapes and culture, experienced through the eyes of age-old cultures, from the traditional to the contemporary.
Travel designs from Japan to Southeast Asia.
Trips with scheduled departures and individual trips.

Arctic and Antarctic
To the Ends of the Earth

Extreme nature, surreal landscapes: experience the majesty of nature, and go face to face with emperor penguins, whales, bears, seals, icebergs and glaciers.

Africa childs
Africa and the southern seas
The rhythm of the earth

Ecotourism travel experiences in areas of pristine natural scenery in a truly fascinating land, while fully respecting the ecosystem and the local people. Sea trip extensions in the most exclusive locations.
Trips with scheduled departures and individual trips.

New Zealand
New Zealand
Total Nature

A place like no other, and a world of nature to explore: from the National Parks and panoramic scenic routes to the Alpine lakes and glacial valleys. Live the New Zealand experience with multiple-activity travel designs.
Trips with scheduled departures and individual trips.