Nuna TopSecret

Nuna TopSecret is an exclusive travel design service, where the watchwords are luxury, personalization, privacy, and top-of-the-range service, with the utmost completeness and quality.

Nuna TopSecret is especially designed for people who, because of their role and their responsibilities, are at the forefront every day, often in the glare of the media.

People who can only with great difficulty extract themselves from the attentions of public opinion and the media to spend a few precious moments of freedom and genuine relaxation, far from curious eyes and in total anonymity. Nuna TopSecret is for people who can still build dreams for themselves, and who know they can achieve them.

The service organizes and creates authentic getaways, in undiscovered places, in unique natural settings, far from everyday pressures and enveloped in total privacy, with flexibility and individuality in every corner of the world.

Nuna TopSecret is limitless exclusivity: the services are the best that can be found internationally. Private jets with the most exclusive airlines, private yachts to reach any mooring in the required sailing time, luxury hotels, exclusive lodges, villas, affitto di isole private.

A TopSecret consultant is personally assigned to the client from the initial contact to returning from the trip. Our consultant listens to your needs, wishes, and expectations, conducts a preliminary feasibility consultation, and gives you an estimate of the costs for designing the trip or stay.

After confirmation, the travel design will be developed, checked for availability and analyzed in every detail, before being submitted to the client for fine-tuning and approval.

The travel design can be presented at the offices of Nuna Travel or, if requested, the Nuna Travel expert can visit the client in the city where they live, or wherever the client considers it most convenient in view of their commitments.